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View Testimonials

Karen the pet sitter and Little Black kitty doing pet sitting

Here are some testimonials about your pet sitter:

Thank you so much for taking great care of them!  I really appreciated it!!!  You were so friendly and professional and I will definately be recommending you to my friends I have that are looking for pet sitters!”


“I have had Karen look after my two Siamese cats on many occasions and would recommend her to any pet owner.  Karen really loves animals and is willing to follow any specific directions you might have for your fuzzy, furry friends.  I always trust her to show up, take care of my pets, make sure the house is okay and take the time to make sure my little friends are happy!”


“My dog, Jack, lived at Karen’s home for a month when I went overseas. I wouldn’t have left him with anyone else, but he thrived at Karen’s. Karen is so balanced and calm with dogs. When first Jack met her, he crawled up on the couch (she allowed it) and slept, curled against her. He never does that! Karen honours food instructions by owners and does not give dogs more treats or food even when they beg or are wildly cute. I knew I could trust Karen in this way. And Jack got so much exercise. When I returned from overseas, Jack was the same happy, easy dog, but he was even more confident, obedient and calm. I would recommend Karen to anyone. She is completely reliable and she really ‘gets’ dogs. ”

Dawn Rolke