Meet Your Pet Sitter

Meet Your Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

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Tips to Help you have a Great Pet Sitting Experience

  • Meet your pet sitter before you need them. Get to know them and ask some questions. Expect them to ask some questions too, such as:
    • How many visits per day?
    • How long do you want each visit/walk?
    • Are there medications to administer?
    • What veterinarian do you use?
    • Do you have an older pet?  What are its special needs?
    • What and how much food do they eat?
    • What are their favorite toys?
  • Have enough supplies for your entire absence and then some. Stock up on preferred:
    • Food and treats
    • Medications and other treatment supplies
    • Cat litter
    • Cleaning supplies (for those little accidents that  happen)
  • Get clear. Explicitly negotiate the fine details of your expectations. For example:
    • How much food per feeding? How many treats?
    • What medications and how/when to administer
    • Explain the behavioural nuances of your pet