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Dog Training


Bella playing ball with the pet sitter.

Dog training in Regina SK for dog walking and pet sitting .

Dog Training

KAOS Dogsports Inc. (KAOS), a non-profit organization, is dedicated to dog training and playing. In addition to basic obedience training, learn how to play with your dog with activities such as agility obstacle courses and flyball.

KAOS delivers a variety of classes throughout the year. Sessions run seven weeks.

Want something really unique and entertaining at your community event? Contact KAOS for ideas, availability, and prices.

Obedience: obedience@kaosdogsports.ca

Agility: agility@kaosdogsports.ca

Flyball: flyball@kaosdogsports.ca

Conformation: conformation@kaosdogsports.ca

Demos: demo@kaosdogsports.ca

Website: webmaster@kaosdogsports.ca

Phone: (306)359-3500.


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